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Cityse-Web : unified multimedia content management software

Cityse-Web is a content management software supporting the management of all the CitySign displays.

Cityse-Web is a software that can be accessed through an internet browser. It takes in charge the whole life cycle of the displays:

  • Users definition
  • Privileges definitionCityseWeb-content-management
  • Displays declaration
  • Displays configuration and localisation
  • Parametering
  • Set-up of visual contents
    • sequencing of pages containing texte et and animated images
  • Set-up of audio contents
    • sequencing of sentences chaining audio files et TTS (Text-To-Speech) announces
  • Simulation of the displays
  • Display planning
  • Publication of the contents
  • Real-time messages sending
  • Firmware update management
  • Remote supervision of the displays
  • Multilingual management