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Cityse-M2M : Machine to Machine server

Cityse-M2M is a machine to machine server enabling the controls of signs through optimized protocols on TCP or UDP. It can be an extension to Cityse-Web where such optimized protocols are required.

Cityse-M2M is hosted on a dedicated server and can be accessed through internet. It takes in charge through the optimized protocol the following operation :

  • Signs identification and connection
  • Signs status update
  • Sending of real time information to signs (bus arrival…)
  • Messages sending
  • Signs time setting
  • Parametering
  • Firmware update


It dialogs with Cityse-Web, enabling the remote supervision of the displays through this web interface.

Real-time data and messages are automatically acquired from dedicated servers acessed through HTTP, TCP or UDP. These information are forwarded to the sign, in minimizing the number of transmissions to the sign (M2M does not send an information already transmitted)

Specific input or output protocols can be integrated on demand.