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The  “TravelLED” embedded LED sign enables diffusion of visual information in buses and tramways on one or more character lines (depending on the TravelLED model). They can display real-time information such as next stop, line number, line name, time, and commercial messages in buses or tramways.

This range of signs comprises several display resolutions and capabilities :

  • TravelLED_7x80” : simple single color led sign with resolution 7X80 (VxH).


  • TravelLED_12x100” : simple single color led sign with resolution 12X100 (VxH).

JLB 12x100-embedded-led-sign

  • TravelLED_32x128” : multiple color led sign with resolution 32X128 (VxH).


All these signs can be fitted with “TravelVox” audio announcement option and be completed with “TravelSpeaker” Speakers.