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EMBEXYS supports you...

For the success of your electronic display project, EMBEXYS proposes a set of custom services and supports.

Pre-Sales Support

For choosing the best solution adapted to your needs, our experts advise you though emails or on the phone.

Once defined together, a quotation of the system is provided.


EMBEXYS takes into account the delivery of the products you have ordered.

Depending on you request, this delivery can be accompanied with a site validation or with a training session dedicated to maintenance and use.

Installation & configuration

The installation can be held by EMBEXYS or local partner.

The initial configuration of the displays will be set up by our teams.

Technical Assistance

EMBEXYS offers a remote support for using and setting up our products.

This support is done by phone or emails.

Site Maintenance

A site preventive maintenance can be performed by EMBEXYS or a local partner.

A site curative maintenance can be also provided so as to fix the defective element in a minimal time duration.

Remote Maintenance

The firmware configuration and maintenance of the CitySign displays can be performed remotely.

The software tool Cityse is also updated and upgraded regularly so that you can benefit of the best user experience.

Adaptations and extensions

Our products are very modular and propose many hardware and software extensions (audio interface, communication interface, data connectors to specific servers… ). If you have specific interface needs, we can integrate the necessary adaptations in our products (please contact us).

Moreover, our products can be provided without mechanical enclosure so that you can integrate them in your own enclosure.

Specific Products

You have a project for a specific display system? Provide us your specifications so that we can design together a solution.