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Frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ about electronic displays.

How to define the resolution of a LED display?

For a LED display that has to show text messages, the minimal size of a character is 6 horizontal points by 8 vertical points. For the whole display resolution, we just have to multiply these values by the number of characters per line and the number of lines to display.

What is the minimal reading distance for a LED display?

The minimal reading  distance of a display depends on the pitch. If the points (pixels) of the display are too much spaced, one must take distance so as to be able to read.

For example, the pitches of 4 mm to 6 mm enable a short distance readability (about 1 meter) while a pitch of 10 mm requires to be  2 meters away.

I need to display information that changes in real-time from a specific server. Is this possible?

The CitySign displays are open and enable to display this type of real-time information (bus arrivals, train or plane departures, number of available park places, trading values …). Our displays natively take into account this kind of information. The exchange protocols with your server can easily be integrated in our displays . We invite you to question us directly for a quotation.

Can I easily modify the contents shown on the CitySign electronic displays?

Our Content Management System Cityse enables easy assembly, simulation and publication of contents on all the displays of the CitySign product line.